Ashley Benson is my queen. Marissa. Hello.

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Kristen Bell showing off her daughter’s favorite dance, the Jersey Turnpike

Pretty Little Liars - Gag Reel

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William Schuester making me uncomfortable


sarahswalkers: That was what I meant! Hmm. Ham or turkey? ~super mega anon

oh okay good haha

Turkey! I don’t like it that much but I despise ham.

sarahswalkers: Original or set characters ~anon again

hmm that’s a tough one! I feel like I’m really attached to certain characters, but I think creating your own is really cool too and they can’t be messed up by stupid writers haha. Buttttt probably set characters just because I have so many of them that are my babies. ^_^ 

You can do it! I believe in you! Working. That’s it. I feel like I have much to update you on, haha.

Aw thank you, you’re sweet! :) Working is good, I’ll be doing that too. You doooo??? Girl text me!! Or inbox me or whatever is convenient I need details! :D 

sarahswalkers: Green or blue? ~anon

HAHA I love you.

Green. Only because my eyes are green and I feel obligated to pick that color?

I’m good! Just nearing the end of the semester and I feel like things are going good! And you?

Aw that’s great! :D It’s the end of the semester for me too and I’m hanging in there haha. My grades aren’t fantastic, but they’re okay I guess. What are you doing for the summer?

can I get some curious anons? or honest anons? or just any anons???